Sweet Dog Ears Plush Embroidery Pajamas


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  • Product ID: MK6790
  • Main Material: Nylon, Polyester
  • Color: Yellow
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap:_40_cm


Size Info.


S: Bust 65-68 cm, Length 13 cm, 65A/65B/70A/70B
M: Bust 68-75 cm, Length 14 cm, 70B/70C/75A/75B
L: Bust 72-77 cm, Length 15 cm, 80A/80B/75B/75C
XL: Bust 77-82 cm, Length 16 cm, 85A/85B/80C/85C


S: Waist 56-104 cm, Length 22 cm, for Weight Range (42-50 kg)
M: Waist 60-112 cm, Length 23 cm, for Weight Range (50-57 kg)
L: Waist 64-130 cm, Length 24 cm,_for Weight Range (57-64 kg)
XL: Waist 68-138 cm, Length 25 cm,_for Weight Range (64-71 kg)

All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly. Please check size info. before order.




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